The Oldest City in Canada, Dorval

How to Visit Dorval?

Dorval is the oldest city found in 1667. It is the oldest city in North America and Canada. The original name of it is Gentilly. It is closed to Montreal. You may go to this city by enterprise car rental Dorval. Let them pick you up and bring you to Dorval.

-Go by bus. You can take the line 211 bus. It will go from station Lionel to Groulx. It takes 19 minutes from Montreal to Dorval. After you arrive in Groulx, you may call enterprise car rental Dorval to pick you up.

-By train. It takes 22 minutes. You can take the train from Gare Lucien-L’ Allier to Gare Dorval. The price is higher than the bus.

-Take a taxi. It spends around 19 minutes from Montreal to Dorval. Approximately, the distance to reach is 21 km. The price is higher than the bus and train.

-By car. Get the car from Dorval does not matter to you. You could rent a car for a day. Therefore, when you arrive in Dorval, you still have a chance to go around. It is quicker and cheaper. Ask more to the enterprise car rental Dorval about it.

Make A Well Planned Trip Before the Date

It is better to make a plan before you visit Dorval. Since you will rent a car in this city, you have to know some things to do here. Visiting old Montreal and the Museum of Fine Arts will be the best thing to do. Relaxing can be done in Montreal Botanical Garden. It is a large botanical garden in Montreal with 75 ha of thematic gardens. There are also greenhouses that design as a National Historic Site of Canada.

To help you handle everything in Dorval, check the great enterprise car rental Dorval from your search engine. Usually, they have a lot of information about the things you need to do in this city, including to find you the transport options. The sate schedules, journey times, route maps, and estimated fares are available. All you have to do is to calculate everything to our budget and make a decision. Everything seems practical by car. You do not need to worry about the traffic rule as long as you have a driver with you.

Even if you arrive at the airport, the transportation options are available. You may book from Dorval to pick you up or reserve it in separate car rental. There will be no more problem with the delay or close airport transportation office. Therefore, you are better to book previously. Wherever you are, in the bus station, airport, train station, and everywhere, the driver will find you. Make sure the car is comfortable for you and your family. It is practical to rent a car if you go with your family. In addition, the luggage needs more spaces too. Getting tired to walk around is not the problem if you get a car with you. The parking spot is available almost everywhere. It saves time, cheaper, and practical. Visiting Dorval now and explore this city.

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