Complete Schedule

Friday, October 13

9am: Welcome

  • Lyn Hejinian, Chris Chen, Daniel Benjamin, Eric Sneathen

9:30-11am: Panel Session A

  • Panel 1: New Narrative Subjects
    • Camille Roy
    • Kathy Lou Schultz
    • Gail Scott
    • Robin Tremblay-McGaw
  • Panel 2: Writing Portraits: Abbott, Cooper, Rosa
    • Diarmuid Hester, “ ‘If there actually is such a thing’ (the title’s weird): Dennis Cooper and New Narrative”
    • Patrick Marks, Title TBA (on Francesca Rosa)
    • Jamie Townsend, “Who’s Really Who When Anyone Says Us? Steve Abbott’s Collected Marginalia”
    • Matias Viegener, Title TBA (on The Subject of New Narrative)
  • Panel 3: Narrating Community
    • Mike Amnasan, “Community for the Friendless”
    • Sara Larsen, Title TBA (Kathy Acker, Punk, Riot Grrrl, Bikini Kill)
    • Ted Rees, “Taking Revenge on the World for Not Existing: a talk on queer punk counterculture’s messy affiliations with New Narrative”
    • Jean-Thomas Tremblay, “On the Communal Voice: The Epistolary Mode in New Narrative”

11am-12:30pm: Plenary on Writers Who Love Too Much

  • Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy with Roberto Bedoya, Dennis Cooper, Gabrielle Daniels, Eileen Myles, Matias Viegener

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch; Library Exhibit of New Narrative Ephemera and Journals

1:30-3pm: Panel Session B

  • Panel 4: Affiliations of Desire
    • Julia Bloch, “The Queer Time of Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters”
    • Julie Carr, “Expansive Communities”
    • Laynie Browne, “Binaries effaced”
    • Karla Kelsey, “Subjects at Risk”
  • Panel 5: Sunburst of the Monstrance: Religious Experience and Representation
    • Daniel Benjamin, Title TBA (On Mysticism and New Narrative)
    • Jeanne Heuving, “The Trouble with and the Vitality of Mimesis”
    • Kyoo Lee, Title TBA (On Philopoetics and Jocelyn Saidenberg)
    • Jocelyn Saidenberg, Title TBA
  • Panel 6: New Enactments: Narrative and Otherwise
    • Jennifer Chukwu, “If you too are lost, hopefully listening to the sounds of these voices will help you find your way”
    • Renee Gladman, Title TBA (on drawing)
    • Megan Stockton, “Material Memory: queering the ‘pastoral’”
    • Zac Slams, “Chase the Storm”
    • Kirstin Wagner & C Dylan Bassett, “Margins and Limits”

3:15-4:45pm: Panel Session C

  • Panel 7: This Side of Real: Renee Gladman’s New Narrative
    • Earl Jackson, “Writing Reading: The Glossaries of Renee Gladman”
    • Miranda Mellis, “Impossible Objects: Rereading The Activist and Denny Smith in 2017”
    • Julian Park, “Prose of the Housing Question”
    • Mary Wilson, “Narrating the Queer Body: Orientation and/as Desire in Renee Gladman’s Event Factory”
  • Panel 8: Bash Back: Resistance and the Logic of Neoliberalism
    • Brian Blanchfield, Title TBA (On Hervé Guibert’s AIDS Novels)
    • Kaplan Harris, “The Lives of Steve Abbott”
    • Eric Sneathen, “Queer Exhaustion”
    • Catherine Taylor, “You, Me, and the Violence”
  • Panel 9: Bad Boundaries 2: Ethics in New Narrative Writing
    • Maxe Crandall
    • Nikki Darling
    • Tim Jones-Yelvington
    • Henry Milks & Sam Cohen

5-7:15pm: Reception at Royal Nonesuch Gallery (Oakland)

7:30pm-9:30pm: Reading at Omni Commons (Oakland)

  • Mike Amnasan, Dodie Bellamy, Bruce Boone, Robert Glück, Kevin Killian, Camille Roy


Saturday, October 14

9:30-11am: Plenary on From Our Hearts To Yours

  • Rob Halpern and Robin Tremblay-McGaw with David Buuck, Robbie Dewhurst, Thom Donovan, Kaplan Harris, Trisha Low, Miranda Mellis, Ted Rees, Camille Roy, Kathy Lou Schultz, Eric Sneathen and Brian Teare

11am-12:30pm: Panel Session D

  • Panel 10: Our Walks With Bob
    • Eliot D’Silva, Title TBA (on Margery Kempe)
    • David Pritchard, “Reading and Real Abstraction: Commitment in La Fontaine”
    • Dean Smith, “Aliengnosis”
    • Conrad Steel, “‘Our own present tense’: Robert Glück, Brandon Brown and New Narrative at present”
  • Panel 11: Thoughts, Large and Public: New Narrative International
    • Obe Alkema, “Namedrop It Like It’s Hot: An inquiry of community, communication, and comradery”
    • Charlie Gere, Title TBA (On Morecambe Bay)
    • Kit Schluter, Title TBA (On La Fontaine and “radical translation”)
    • Lodewijk Verduin, “The Legacy of New Narrative in the Netherlands”
  • Panel 12: Speaking of Us: Feminism and Writing
    • Leora Fridman and Liat Berdugo, Title TBA (On Rituals Adjacent to Capitalism)
    • erica kaufman, “‘who speaks when we speak?’ Gail Scott’s New Sentence”
    • Amanda Montei, “Unproductive Labors: Domestic Temporality and Autobiography in New Narrative and Language Poetry”
    • Brian Teare, Title TBA (on Pamela Lu)

12:30-1:15pm: Lunch

1:15-2:45pm: Panel Session E

  • Panel 13: “I aim to be a female monster too”: Kathy Acker and Chris Kraus
    • Chris Kraus, “The Public I – Semiotexte Native Agents in the 1990s”
    • Carmen Merport, “Portrait of the Author as a Female Artist: New Narrative, the Body, and the Art World”
    • Dilara O’Neil, “New Narrative’s Fellow Traveler Chris Kraus: Politics of the Personal”
    • Anna Vitale, “The Name of the Author: Amiri Baraka and Kathy Acker”
  • Panel 14: Auto(erotic)biography
    • Joseph Bradshaw, “Narcissistic Shame and Unanswered Emails”
    • Dylan Byron, “Confessing a Suggestion of Overflowing” (on Bruce Boone)
    • Brandon Callender, “Delany’s Grubby Hands”
    • Zachary Snider, “Fostering the Postmodern ‘Pervert’: How Dennis Cooper challenged his social fiction contemporaries”
  • Panel 15: Genealogies of New Narrative, Past and Future
    • Stephen Guy-Bray, “Koinoi to Coin”
    • Thom Donovan, Title TBA
    • Domenic Hutchins, “A post-Sandy Literature? Writing Contemporary Ecological Subjectivity”
    • Ery Shin, “Stein’s Legacy”

2:45-4:15pm: Porous Borders (Plenary)

  • Sarah Rosenthal, Robert Glück, Camille Roy, Bruce Boone, and Rob Halpern

5-6:30pm: Poets Theater at the Berkeley Art Museum

  • Plays by Carla Harryman, Kevin Killian, and Camille Roy

7-10pm: Marathon Reading and Dinner

  • Judy Grahn, “A Woman Is Talking to Death”; Nayland Blake, Gabrielle Daniels, Renee Gladman, Rob Halpern, Carla Harryman, Chris Kraus, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Gail Scott, Robin Tremblay-McGaw


Sunday, October 15

Morning: Walking tour of San Francisco, sponsored by Small Press Traffic

12-3pm: Film program at Roxie Theatre

  • Curt McDowell, Confessions
  • Cecilia Dougherty, Kevin and Cedar and Eileen
  • Abigail Child, SWAMP
  • Marc Huestis, Whatever Happened to Susan Jane?

7pm: Reading at McRoskey Mattress Company, sponsored by SF Poetry Center and The Green Arcade bookstore

  • Dennis Cooper and Eileen Myles